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We are here to take you on adventures around the world where every step is a dance with discovery, and every return is a rebirth. You’ll ignite your spirit with every new view, savor the flavor of cultural cuisine, and sleep with ease in world class accommodations. Guests are often saying how comfortable and well looked after they felt after a retreat with Habitual Yoga Space. Most often, our guests return again as we embark on another global journey that is reasonably priced with no hidden fees and all inclusive from arrival to departure!

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3 meals and drinks/day, pick up and drop off from the airport, all taxis and transportation, expenses paid excursions and five star accommodations all included *no hidden costs here.

An opportunity of a lifetime to let go of the stress and soak in the thrills of fully immersing yourself in an international culture while becoming more mindful with your surroundings through your personalized yoga sessions.

Hosts who have your best interest, comfort, and need for adventure in mind.

When you work with Habitual Yoga Space, you receive:

Upcoming Retreats

Chase your dream

February 21-28, 2025, 8 days/7 nights 
Bangkok, Ayutthaya & Chiang Mai
Starting from $3,145
Bookings OPEN!

Explore the city life of Bangkok with a decadent first dinner on our river cruise, but first enjoy a leg and foot massage from locals in the Land of Happy Smiles. Spend the afternoon touring stunning temples and tasting delicious desserts in Thailand’s original capital city, Ayutthaya. Then, bathe in the beauty of Chiang Mai’s mountains as they sit on the edge of the Himalayan mountain range, go chasing waterfalls, and experience coffee and rice plantations. 

Mountains and Temples in Thailand

Embark on a new adventure

March 9-17, 2025, 9 days/8 nights
Goa & Varanasi
Starting at $3,149
Bookings OPEN

Expand your horizons with us as we journey to India to celebrate Holi Festival. It's a kaleidoscopic journey weaving the ancient practices of yoga and meditation with the jubilant spirit of India's Holi Festival. Join your hosts, Chintu and Ariane, for an unforgettable journey spanning New Delhi's cultural wonders, Goa's sandy shores, and Varanasi's spiritual essence.

Holi Horizons in India

- Rachelle G.
Eau Claire, WI

"I chose the Thailand retreat because I have wanted to go for years, but it is someplace I wouldn't have been brave enough to travel solo. It was such a great experience and I didn't have to worry about anything. I just had to show up! If you want ease like this, the trip is for you! I felt very safe and had a magical experience. I totally will go on another tour. I love the small group vs. the larger group. So fun! If you are on the fence - this is your sign to leap"

- Heidi B.
Eau Claire, WI

“I will admit, I was reluctant about traveling that far, with strangers, would the food make me sick? Boy was I wrong! This trip was totally stress- free! If you are thinking about going on a retreat with Chintu and Ariane, I am here to tell you.... BOOK THE TRIP!”

- Crystal S.
Eau Claire, WI

"I love how I could choose what I wanted to eat at every restaurant. It was never a set meal, and I was free to pick what I wanted every time."

Expand your horizons and embark on a soul-stirring journey

 Let’s travel together

Book your flights, buy travel/health insurance, and we’ll see you there! But, first we have group zoom calls and a WhatsApp group dedicated to our retreats for you to get to know everyone prior to meeting abroad.


Step three

You’re ready to prioritize time for yourself to recharge and gain new perspectives through your travel experience with us. You’re ready to prioritize time for yourself to recharge and gain new perspectives through your travel experience with us. PAY YOUR DOWN PAYMENT AND YOU'RE IN!


Step two

Hop on a quick call OR EMAIL your host, Ariane, to emerge out of your cocoon, and come travel! She’ll send you the full itinerary of the retreat and answer any curiosities you have.


Step One

the process

We will still arrange to pick you up at the airport when you arrive. When booking your international flights, please send us your flight itinerary so we can monitor your flight in real time.  It’s also suggested to book your flight a day or two earlier than the retreat to reduce any concern for delays or jetlag. 

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Our retreats typically have a 120 day refund policy with a nonrefundable deposit. Please review the Travel & Yoga Retreat Policies sent separately to you per retreat.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

Yes! All sexes and gender expressions welcome.

Is this a co-ed trip?

Absolutely not! We believe that yoga is an ethos of life more than it is a physical practice. You don’t need any experience of yoga in order to come, you’re more than welcome as you are. If you’d like to participate in yoga, please attend our classes at the studio! Send us an email to receive speciality rates for new students who book into the retreat!

Do I have to be able to do yoga in order to go on this retreat?

Everything upon your arrival to your departure is paid. You need to arrange your own flights to and from the visiting country, visa fees (if applicable), and health/travel insurance (optional). Tips to your hosts are not included in your booking price.

What do I have to pay for in addition to my ticket price?

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