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Our yoga classes are perfect for those busy bees who want a place for inner peace. You’ll find an authentic routine of yoga classes and events without having to add any more stress to your plate so you can maintain your abundantly full life!

The Space offers weekly yoga classes and events curated for those who want to dig deeper into their wellness routine. You’ll enjoy peace of mind here, maybe for the first time in awhile. Students are always saying that they leave Habitual Yoga Space feeling more refreshed and revived than when they arrived; a sense of ease with uplifting energy is a common feeling here.

Teachers who help deepen your sense of fulfillment, balance, and vitality.

A space to thrive, a place to enhance your well-being, and an atmosphere for making self-care part of your regular routine 

A sanctuary to unwind, destress, and refocus.

When you practice at Habitual Yoga Space, you receive:

Unroll your mat

$22 for seven days of unlimited yoga.
Explore the class schedule, book into the class, and select "7 day intro offer" upon checkout

 One week of yoga to uncover what classes will motivate you towards health and happiness. Take this opportunity as your sign to start doing something good and nourishing for you! You’ll appreciate the community, camaraderie, fresh tea, and free mat and prop usage at The Space. *For locals only, please.

The Experimental Intro Offer

Restore your ritual

Starting from $45 for your first month *see membership details

Ready to maximize your life by enjoying all that The Space has to offer? Receive unlimited classes, savings on workshops, special retreat pricing, and exclusive firsts by enrolling in our monthly membership. Your busy life will benefit with balance as you incorporate regular yoga into your routine.

* best offer!

The Ritual Monthly

Make it a habit

I also offer a financial assistance membership, email me to request this option.

$20 per week *see membership details

We know you value personal growth and are always seeking ways to enhance your well-being both physically and mentally. This membership recognizes the hustle and bustle of your life, so we’ve included 2 classes per week to start making yoga a habit. We’ll support you to keep performing at your best while you integrate your new rituals.

The Habitual Weekly

- Emily Johnson
Eau Claire, WI

"Super cute space and good energy! Instructors are very knowledgeable and kind. Very worth your time if you are a new or experienced yogi :)"

- Mary Telisak
Eau Claire, WI

"This little studio is a lovely, calm and intimate space! Tea, towels, blankets, blocks, bolsters and mats are provided - along with some gentle assistance and essential oils, if desired. So great! "

- Jacob Johnston
Eau Claire, WI

"Favorite yoga studio in the valley. Immaculate vibes. Great teachers. Everyone is so nice, and most importantly, the best yoga :)"

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Our students tell it like it is...

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Once you’ve attended class, your hormones are going to be flooding with feel good, buzzing energy! Share the love with your friends with your own referral link, and earn $ to use at the space.


Step three

Sometimes this is the hardest part. We totally understand at The Space; we know it takes courage to get out of your comfort zone even when you’re feeling crummy. Trust us, just show up to class.

Show up:

Step two

Find a class that sounds divine to you, then pop it in your calendar like a date and be sure to schedule around your class. Your yoga takes priority!


Step One

the process

Absolutely. Ariane’s dream is to bring yoga to those who are often excluded or forgotten about in the wellness and fitness industry! If you require zero-entry access, please let us know since the front door on Water Street is not. We have a back alley entry way that will be used upon request. Our bathrooms and hallways are also up to ADA standards.

Do you have wheelchair accessibility?

Street parking is often available, but if not, there is a free two-hour lot at the corner of Chippewa Street and 4th Street. Walk around the corner and down ½ a block. 

Where can I park?

We’re right in the heart of Old Towne Eau Claire aka Water Street. We are situated between Mona Lisa’s restaurant and the Grand Illusion bar. Fun fact - our building was formerly The House of Rock and before that the Oar House. Now, it is a zen oasis for mindfulness and inner peace ;)

Where are you located?

Then you are definitely in the right place! We know the barriers to trying yoga for the first time, and we certainly know how it can feel intimidating to walk into a new place, especially a yoga studio! It is our passion at The Space to shatter the status quo of the ‘instagram yogi’ and create realistic, authentic, and meaningful experiences in our classes. Come one, come all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and abilities. 

What if I’ve never done yoga?

If you’re new to The Space and live locally around the Chippewa Valley, you’re welcome to try our Experimental Intro Offer. You receive unlimited access to our weekly classes for 7 days

What membership should I try?

What membership should I try?

Head to our class schedule, find the class you like, then pick your membership or purchase as a drop-in. Downloading the Momence App will make for easier bookings, plus it gives you real time info like how many people spaces are open, how many classes you’ve attended, and direct messaging with the studio.

What’s the best way to book a class?

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So, are you ready to transform your jungle mind into an inner haven of mindfulness with perhaps even some peace and quiet?!

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