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We distill the ancient teachings of yoga in a modern and approachable way to give clients space to heal themselves. You’ll appreciate the immediate and everlasting effects that a yogic lifestyle will offer you. Our clients always tell us the experience with Habitual Yoga Space was so much more than just a therapy session; they are able to move their emotions through their body and alter their state of mind in a natural and organic way.

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Investment starts at $95 per session.

For those who want to make a lifestyle shift, but aren’t quite sure where to start. This is it, if you need a little extra support sticking to your health goals and feeling a bit lost as to where and how to begin.

Single Yoga Therapy Session

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Bundle 4 or more sessions together and your investment starts at $87.50 per session.

Have you been let down by the medical-model and left with little answers? This bundle of yoga therapy enables you to dive deeper into the bio-psycho-social-SPIRITUAL model of care that truly elevates your health. Your wellness routine is about to be amplified!

Bundle of Sessions

- kelly g.
Eau Claire, WI

"Doing yoga therapy with Ariane as been more impactful than the +20 years of talk therapy I’ve done my whole life. Getting to move my body after we discuss life stressors and traumas has helped me overcome so much in my life."

- Becky G.
Eau Claire, WI

"I'm 72 and have Huntington's Disease. I wasn't sure where to turn after receiving my diagnosis, but I found Ariane at Habitual Yoga Space in 2022. Over the years of working together, I've been able to maintain my leisure activities like golf and can still drive my car! I know god has a plan for me, and I feel so blessed that Yoga Therapy has helped me along this new journey with so many twists and turns. I love my yoga with Ariane!"

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start a new chapter

After your first session, Ariane will recommend a bundle of sessions for you to keep moving and stay mindful to connect what you learn on the mat off the mat and into your daily life.

Keep Connected:

Step three

Once we have a chat on the phone, and we both agree yoga therapy is the right fit, we will schedule your first session to complete your Wellness Profile.

Be Courageous:

Step two

Simply book your free discovery call with Ariane to begin your yoga journey! We will chat about your main reason(s) of concern and priorities you have.

Get Curious:

Step One

the process

Absolutely not! Ariane incorporates blocks, chairs, blankets, and many other props to ensure you are well supported. She is also determined to empower you to know that ‘doing yoga’ is not about touching your toes or sitting on the floor. Yoga therapy will teach you that yoga is an inner feeling and an outer way of living; it is much less to do about the physical postures and more about the harmony of mind, emotions and energy. 

Do I have to be able to touch my toes or get up from the ground?

Of course! Once a client is feeling connected enough through private yoga therapy sessions, they will often transition to a student membership package and attend group classes. Ask about your yoga therapy + student package special!

Can I come to yoga classes and do therapy?

This varies greatly from person to person. It’s recommended to work with your yoga therapist for a minimum of 8 weeks to truly feel the shifts in your life. Some clients continue to work with Ariane for over a year until they feel the deep issues of their life have been transformed.

How long do people generally do yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy uses the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of health, as compared to the biomedical model. We use all layers of yoga’s ancient modalities when curating your yoga session, so that your wellness routine starts to transform. Your yoga therapy session will include physical movements, meditation, breathing techniques as well as looking at nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle patterns that may be blocking you from your highest, best functioning self.

 What exactly is yoga therapy?

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